Fly high in the sky with exciting paragliding adventures in Tirthan Valley.

River Crossing

Test your skills by crossing rivers using ropes and bridges in the beautiful Tirthan Valley.

Live Music And Dj Nights

Enjoy live music and DJ nights where you can dance and have fun under the stars in Tirthan Valley.


Climb down steep cliffs with ropes and feel like an adventurer in Tirthan Valley.

River Rafting

Go on a thrilling adventure in a boat on the river with fast rapids in Tirthan Valley.

Trek To Trails

Explore beautiful paths and trails on foot in the amazing Tirthan Valley.


Stay overnight in tents and experience the beauty of nature in Tirthan Valley.

Trout Fishing

Catch fish called trout in the calm and clear rivers of Tirthan Valley.

Rock Climbing

Climb up big rocks and feel like a mountaineer in Tirthan Valley.


Sit around a cozy fire outdoors and have a good time with friends and family in Tirthan Valley.

Bird Watching

Watch different kinds of birds in their natural homes in Tirthan Valley.

Trek To National Park GHNP

Take a long walk to visit a famous park called Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) and see amazing nature and animals.